Finding your Inner Garden / Finding your Heart Garden

Mandala Healing Garden is a retreat for those who wish to improve their physical health, spiritual insight and personal development. Here you will find information about the special combination of therapies made available to you by Sala, a highly trained and experienced holistic health practitioner who was born and raised in Japan.

We all have a garden in our hearts where seeds grow. If we know exactly what sort of flowers we would like to cultivate, we can learn to sow and nurture our gardens successfully. There are many species and varieties of flowers. Some love a lot of sun and others prefer growing in the shade. Some can only thrive with plenty of water and others require only a little. All flowers require different environments to thrive in the best form.

Have you ever thought about what kinds of flowers you have in your garden? A person who enjoys and celebrates life knows how to care for the garden in his/her heart. An unhappy person usually neglects to maintain their garden regularly and often does not realise there is a garden in their heart.

Dealing with the Weeds in our Gardens

There are many people who have experienced unsatisfactory or hostile environments while growing up. Unhealthy factors stemming from childhood years could have been stress and traumas inflicted by parents who couldn’t provide love, understanding and protection for the child. These influences could start a pattern of neglect of our inner gardens, mainly because they are not even recognised. 

When you began working, there may have been an unsupportive superior or boss in the workplace who picked on you and didn’t appreciate the quality of your work.

Due to dissatisfaction with individual circumstances, many of us feel a degree of disappointment, sadness and experience a range of differing negative emotions from time to time. 

There are those who are inclined to blame others for the way they feel.

Laying blame on others, or even ourselves, will not help us, as weeds of negativity start to grow in the garden of our hearts, and can strangle the flowers we want to blossom. It is healthier for the soul to take charge of emotions and say “I undertake to sow the seeds of content in my heart”. Psychologically, this is akin to being responsible for yourself and responsible for how you feel, instead of allowing others to influence the ebb and flow of your emotional tides. This is where our true power lies.  By realising we have the choice to move towards healthier responses, regardless of our circumstances we respond to life from a place of true strength.

We have the power to choose

The human condition is much like the natural environment where seeds carried by birds and insects may land in places that are not suitable habitats for their growth. Some plants simply adjust to the environment and somehow take root and grow. 

Others simply wither into the soil and die. Plants can’t complain, nor can they move to appropriate habitats by themselves where they can thrive.

Fortunately, humans can “move” if they really want to.

This “move” does not mean having to physically relocate somewhere else, but rather it means to choose a process of making changes within the soul. Humans are able to transform negative reactions to positive awareness and sow seeds of happiness.

The therapies available from Mandala Healing Garden will assist you in sowing healthy seeds in your mind, body and spirit. These will equip you with the necessary techniques to create, nurture and maintain a delightful, unique garden in your heart. A garden where you as the gardener can find joy. 

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