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Be yourself instead of whom others expect you to be

Your beliefs, thinking patterns and emotional reactions are set up/coded in your brain, the bio-computer. You can change if you wish we support you holistically to be yourself.

Sala Sawada (Therapist/Healer)

My Role at Mandala Healing Garden

Welcom to Mandala Healing Garden. I’m Sala, and as a Healer and Kinesiology therapist, you can consider me the Gardener at this centre. All that I do here is with guidance, with years of study and experience, and a sense of finding the greatest benefit for all.

As I help you to explore the possibilities for your inner well-being and health, I work at clearing out the weeds and blocks to your thriving. I help you connect with your inner natural growth, and thrive with the right nourishment, using all of the 5 elements of sun, earth, water, minerals, and air.

Over the years, Mandala Healing Garden has developed as a place where one can find their inner seeds, their unique aspirations, and explore possibilities for growth and direction. All of this leads to true inner healing and strength.

As each of us flourish, a greater recognition of possibilities for each of us to contribute can grow. This is the source of true joy.

My Journey

As a small child living in Japan, where I was born and raised, I first recognised and witnessed a connection to nature through my grandparents. I watched as they nurtured the plants in their garden beyond just physical requirements. They connected and spoke to their plants as though they were people, and their garden was a magical place full of beautiful circulating energies that I easily recognised as a child.

Later as a teenager, my childhood memories moved into dormancy with the busyness of life, and I found myself suffering chronic ailments that started to hold me back. I experienced anaemia, heavy periods, headaches, knee pains, shoulder pains, lower back pain, constipation, swollen calves and ringing in the ears/tinnitus. I could even tell when it was going to rain, like my grandma.

Western Medicine was the approach accepted at the time since I was working at the hospital, and my ailments received a number of medicines and remedies from that perspective.

As one condition developed on top of another, I realised there were also side-effects to contend with from the medicines I was given.

One day, I experienced a numbness in my left leg which immobilised me. This was related to a serious gall bladder issue I was experiencing at the time. As I felt the fear of disconnection from my body, I started to question the bigger picture of what was happening. This was a big turning point for me. I became aware of the mental and emotional aspects that were holding me back.

As I asked questions, I realised that Western Medicine and drugs don’t cure the physical problems, they merely address and suppress the symptoms. The symptoms were my Body’s attempt to communicate needs, and I was simply not listening to them.

I experienced an inner opening, and became more interested in learning about my health and well-being and embarked on a journey to find true transformation and power from within.

As I learned more, I realised that I was the one with the ability to choose to transform my health. I found my inner garden and began to nurture the soil with better nutrition and elements, watered it to create better flow to and from all parts of my body, provided the joy of light, and positive thoughts to sustain growth in the right directions. As I did this my health came back naturally, with the same energy I had experienced as a young child, and I felt a calling to help others in the same way.

All this time I know I was guided and still am. As I follow my inner guidance it strengthens and I experience further clarity. Thus, my role as a healer is not just me, it also comprises the guidance I receive, to which I give gratitude and acknowledgment.

My Practice in Sydney and Wollongong, Australia

In 1985 I came to Sydney, and experienced the culture shock of a new language and people. I have grown to love the Australian culture, and have also been drawn to use the Australian Bush flower remedies in my tool kit to give clients a gentle approach to understanding and balancing their emotions.

For the past few years I have moved out to Wollongong, and started practicing in the beautiful surroundings here.

Having also studied Kinesiology, I began to incorporate it into my practice in 1995, and found it fit in well with my healing practice and supported my other healing techniques. I also use Reiki, Reconnective Healing, massage, including Shiatsu, and the use of various connection points as I use the Body Maintenance System approach I have developed. I incorporate a holistic and intuitive approach to healing and nurturing, while listening closely to each client and where they are currently on their journey.

To each client I bring a repertoire based on my life experience and studies. Each person requires a unique approach which I help you to tune into through diagnostic kinesiology and learning to listen to the messages from the wisdom of your body.

My motto is, “if I can change, everyone has the power to change themselves”.

Book “Mental Maintenance” / Articles
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    ◆ Publisher : Alphapolis
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