Peter Everett
Post date:3月 10, 2018

(This workshop is over.)




Hello everyone my name is Peter Everett (remember me from the old days of TV? most recently “ready steady cook”. also, I spent 10 years over at channel 9 working on the renovation shows with Scotty Cam and miss Deborah Hutton)

I’ve been seeing Sala foralmost 20 years, I still try to do a monthly maintenance session with her. The sessions have helped me enormously, dealing with issues that arise in my life.

I do believe I, we, are all here for a purpose, firstly to help and develop ourselves and take that knowledge and try to help as many people as possible. I do struggle with change, part of me wants to stagnate but thank goodness something within me kicks me in the butt and pushes me forward. I keep moving on, let go of the fear and let go of the boundaries we place upon ourselves. I must say my friend Sala has played a huge role in my development. I feel secure knowing that I have a like-minded soul that I can go to. A like-minded soul that I can trust and share my inner thoughts with.

I’m a lot more confident these days, dealing with moving on in life, taking on new challenges.

My sessions with Sala have certainly added to me liking myself, I want the best for me. My lack of self-worth has always been a huge issue. I’ve found it hard to admit that, in the past, but I am comfortable with that now. I’ve learnt to trust in me and others. I don’t want to just exist on this planet I want to live a full life. Sala has certainly helped me with my search in this life, for that, I’m very grateful to her… I don’t want to stagnate in life anymore. Huge blessings to Sala, huge blessings to you all. Big hug. Pete.

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