Welcome to Mandala Healing Garden!

Here we use a number of healing modalities to nurture and support you in a number of ways:

Chronic symptoms
Tension and pain. Headaches. Allergies. Bloating. Anorexia. Overeating. Emotional eating.
Claustrophobia. Acrophobia. Agoraphobia. Fear for person, animals, fire, water etc. Panic attack. 
Nicotine. Caffein. Alcohol. Drugs. Gambling. Compulsive shopping. Excessive exercise/sex. Obsession with perfection.
Negative feelings towards your partner/family/friend/co-worker. Worry about others reactions. Difficult to say NO or feel guilty after saying NO to others. Repeating unsatisfying intimate relationship. Difficult to let go past relationship.
Feel safe to be who you really are. Finding your Seed of Possibilities. We all have an inner garden and seed of possibilities. We help you to connect and find the right nurturing to help the seeds to grow and develop.
Regular maintenance
People who are too busy to relax, has trouble to stop thinking. Defragment and create clear space in your bio-computer(brain). Balance energy flow to keep your mind and body optimum level.
We hold spaces for those on the healing journey with a range of creative approaches, including Energy Healing, Reiki, Facial Detox Exercise, Pendulum, Past life journey and more.
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About Practitioner
Sala Sawada
Therapist / Healer

Welcome to Mandala Healing Garden. I’m Sala, and as a Healer and Kinesiology therapist, you can consider me the Gardener at this centre. All that I do here is with guidance, with years of study and experience, and a sense of finding the greatest benefit for all. 

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