Facial Detox Exercise
Post date:2月 18, 2020

There are many expressions using the word FACE in English which describe confrontation, embarrassment and hardship.


Lose face. Pull a long face. Face to face. Fall on one’s face. In one’s face. Turn about face. Set one’s face against. Shout in your face!


muscles are flexible and elastic

muscles are thin and stiff



All emotions are stored in our muscles, according to the conditions of each organ.
For example, if you have emotional indigestion, it affects the stomach which in turn affects some of the neck muscles. These neck muscles can become tight, short and inflexible, thereby changing our resting facial expression.



By releasing negative emotions from facial muscles, you look younger and happier. If you still look young, doing Facial Detox Exercise makes your facial muscles strong and flexible which keeps you looking young and helps you become more resilient when Facing life’s issues and problems.


In this Facial Detox Exercise we will work on:
>>> Our Relationship with Emotions and their effect on facial muscles and décolleté
>>>Facial Detox Exercise that you can do yourself to keep looking young
>>> Finding your facial habits
>>> Diagnosing your facial muscles and emotions
>>> Shoulders, neck and back exercise
>>>Facial muscle relaxer point massage
>>>Relaxation and more…😊


You are Guaranteed to ho home with a younger look and a big smil

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