Pendulum Workshop
Post date:10月 26, 2019

How do we use the Pendulum? The pendulum can be used for dowsing and making a deeper connection to the subconscious. What is the pendulum and how do we use it? Pendulums have long been used for dowsing. Searching for underground water or minerals using a stick, tree branch, or pendulum is called dowsing.
Pendulums can also be used to answer many other questions.
When deciding on something, do you find the more you think about it, the harder it becomes? It is as though you get lost in your thinking and a multitude of options.
From deciding what to eat in a restaurant, what to buy, which direction to take at work or in a romance …


Life is about making choices, both consciously and unconsciously – we’re constantly making decisions moment to moment.
Have you ever regretted you didn’t follow your intuition?
Sometimes, after considering the options in our heads, and all the pros and cons, we make a decision, but later realise it wasn’t the best choice. You may think, “Oh no! If only I had gone with my original intuition – I nearly did, but somehow it didn’t seem logical enough.”



Why didn’t you trust your gut feelings in the first place?
It is often because we think too much. Thinking is important. However, when we get lost or unsure, we find it difficult to decide without bringing in our “Monkey mind and our habits of thinking. Most of us were trained or encouraged to do this as a child. We can’t make a decision because we don’t have enough information or knowledge to make the decision, and no amount of regurgitating the information we have will take us further.
When you are trying to make a decision, you become overwhelmed and get caught up in a downward spiral of thoughts and options.

Some say, “Because I have followed my instincts many times in the past, and have made mistakes, I now consider my options, more carefully.”
In this case, however, you did not believe in intuition, but instead, were moved by an emotional reaction or impulse, which can be more of an obsession or false belief you mistook for intuition.
The intuition is a “Yes!” feeling without thought or reason. When you try to reason after that, your belief patterns can interfere
The impulse or decision made with the discursive mind is “an uncontrolled desire”. We will talk about this more at the workshop.
In this workshop, you will access your subconscious with a Crystal Pendulum which we provide to you for you to keep? at the workshop.

Your subconscious has all the information and answers, and you can refer to it as the higher-self. It is a wholistic thinking and feeling that utilises more than just our thoughts and memories. You can use a pendulum to access our subconscious, learn more about yourself to make decisions more confidently.

3 hours workshop
Fee: $111 (includes a pendulum)
Small class: 5 to 7 people
You learn
– How to use a pendulum
– History of the pendulum
– How to craft a good question
– Which crystal is good for you?
– How to ask what is good for you?
– How to find things on a map
– How to work on the energy field

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