Reiki Jin Kei Do  靈気仁慧道
Post date:5月 31, 2020

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality Reiki’s developed by Dr. Mikao Usui (1865-1926). Dr Usui’s technique allowed his students to connect to the Universal Life Force which would help them in their self-development.
The essence of Reiki is as alive today as it was more than two thousand years ago when it was recorded in the Buddhist Sutra. It continues to grow through the teachers and students of Reiki and helps fill, in individuals and society, the need to be in balance and harmony with the UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE.


Reiki is a Japanese word representing UNIVERSAL LIFE ENERGY, the energy that is all around us. Reiki when activated and applied for the purpose of healing, addresses the body, mind and spirit. It accelerates the body’s ability to heal physical ailments and opens the mind and spirit to the cause of disease and pain which makes us aware about the necessity for one’s life and the joys of balanced wellness.


While Reiki originates from the work of Dr Mikao Usui, many types of Reiki were later developed from this original work, including Usui Reiki and Reiki Jin Kei Do.
Usui Reiki, has a more Western influence and is considered the first modern form of Reiki, it is the Reiki type discovered by Dr Mikao Usui.


Usui Reiki leans more towards healing others, helping and caring for others and sharing with others who need Reiki. It transpires with Christian influence which spread worldwide.
Reiki Jin Kei Do is a Tibetan branch of Reiki influenced by Buddhism. Developed by Seiji Takamori, this Reiki focuses on looking deep inside of your own self before starting to heal others. It involves more mindfulness and meditation, and integrates Zen Buddhism ways.


Reiki is a natural healing art that is very gentle and yet very powerful.
Receiving Reiki allows you to connect with Universal Energy leaving you with an instant feeling of well-being and peacefulness. When receiving Reiki, an instant feeling of glow can be felt within.
Reiki provides people with the means of maintaining balance in their own health and that of their families and friends. Reiki can also be incorporated effectively into the healing arts practised by health care professionals.


Everybody can learn Reiki
Reiki is accessible to anyone willing to learn and is not dependent on prior experience in meditation or other healing modalities.
The reason Reiki can be learnt by everybody resides in the attunement process which can only be done by a Reiki Master. The attunement will open your energetic pathways allowing Reiki to flow freely through you.


Your Reiki Master
Sala was born and raised in Japan an then moved to Australia in 1985. She has been practicing Reiki since 1992 and teaching since 1994. She has been trained in both Usui Reiki (Western Reiki) and Reiki Jin Kei Do (Eastern Reiki).
Through her experience Sala found that Reiki Jin Kei Do lays better ground for her students as it will allow them to first focus on themselves before practicing the healing touch on someone else.
Sala prides herself in keeping the tradition of Reiki alive and focuses her teaching method on transmitting the right knowledge and skills for successful and safe Reiki healing.


= Reiki Level I Class =

Prerequisite: The only prerequisites for learning Reiki are OPENNESS, DESIRE TO LEARN and commitment to use Reiki in one life

What you will learn 

  • History of Reiki
  • How to Relax and Rejuvenate
  • How to connect to the Universal Energy and yourself
  • Hands position for Reiki treatment for yourself and others as well as animals and plants
  • Ways to integrate Reiki in your own life and in service to others
  • Easy and comfortable ways to meditate
  • Japanese art of healing and philosophy

You will receive a Reiki energy Attunement which occurs in four ceremonial acts shared by the Reiki Master with each student.


= Reiki Level II Class =

Prerequisite: Students must have completed Reiki level I training and have used Reiki actively in their lives will renew their commitment to the use Reiki through Reiki Ⅱ.


What you will learn

  • Consolidation of Reiki Level I
  • Methods to perform Reiki through distance and time (past and future)
  • How to perform complete Reiki sessions
  • How to send Reiki on a deeper level, encouraging mental, spiritual and emotional healing processes in individuals
  • Space and time travel techniques


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