Happy Stomach is key for A Healthy mind and body

The mouth is seen as part of the Stomach. It is the first gate of entry to our inner organs that keep us alive. They keep us alive, it is not us. We can only assist and not disturb their performance.

As the stomach is the first organ to contact outside material, it’s very important to observe what you put into your stomach.

Do you eat with awareness or do you just stuff anything into your body without much thought?

The amount of care you put into what you eat relates to how much you care about yourself.

No doubt you’ve heard the saying, “We are what we eat.” In my experience, this applies more so with the attitude with have while eating.

Some people care about how they look, putting their attention on the outside of their bodies rather than the inside. For some of us, as we get older, we start to notice the relationship between the body and mind, and will start to observe our diet and lifestyle.

If someone is old enough and has the knowledge and experience, but is still keeping an unhealthy lifestyle, I’d say that person has mental or emotional scars they need to address. Actually, many of us have trouble with the consumption of sugars, fat, oil, salt, caffeine, alcohol, MSG and nicotine.

How many times do you say to yourself, “I know I shouldn’t have eaten that….but…”
People use these foods as a stress release or to cover up emotions. A little bit is ok, but if it becomes an addiction, you have to consider it. Addiction is not about quantity, but more about dependency. If you feel ‘I have to have it” , that’s an addiction.

It would be a good idea to check if you have any emotional or mental relationships with those particular things you can’t control. Do you have to have it when you are angry? Lonely? What happens if you don’t take that substance?

Are you Chewing well?

When you are chewing, saliva is released and its digestive enzymes. Your tongue senses what you are eating, and sends messages to your brain. Your brain tells the stomach what kind of food is coming so it can prepare for it. These messages pass on to other digestive organs like spleen, pancreas, gallbladder, liver, and small intestine. They all help digest and absorb nutrition from food.

That’s why you have to drink slowly as if you are chewing when you consume mixed juice/ smoothies. If many different vegetables and fruits go into the stomach all of a sudden without much saliva, the stomach can’t prepare for digesting. Chew well, even with smoothies and soups, so your stomach can absorb all the goodies from it.

Your stomach is the second brain which controls mood.

We all know babies are happy when their stomach is full, but cry when their stomach is empty. The physical condition affects the baby’s emotion.
Even adults become short tempered when they are hungry, especially when the blood sugar levels are down. Yes, I was one of them when I was younger and living an unhealthy lifestyle.

In essence, your relationship with your stomach is key for your health, longevity and quality of life… and this is often the most accessible entry point for most people to turn their health around.

As an exercise, I want to suggest, when you’re hungry, finding a piece of fruit that you like. Sit down in a nice spot and firstly look at the fruit, noticing how your body starts to respond. You may be able to smell the goodness, and sense how it will taste. Then start to eat the fruit slowly.

Feel how your teeth cut into it, and how your tongue springs to life as you move it around your mouth. Feel the goodness being absorbed before you’ve even swallowed. As you chew well, notice what happens in other areas of your body, and how it feels. Please share, I’d love to know what your experiences are!

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