Life with Happy Tummy

The stomach is central to the digestive system. If you can’t digest things emotionally and mentally, or if you can’t “stomach something” it will become emotional and mental indigestion.

When you were a child, your friend took your toy but your parent told you to share it. Because she is your friend. Yes, it’s important we learn to share with others. But at that age you couldn’t explain to your parent that she never shared her toys with you.

How did you feel about it then? No empathy, feeling bitter?

Your friend offended you or broke a promise. Well they didn’t mean it, you have to forgive and accept your friend’s mistake. Yes, it’s important to understand other people’s feeling and situations, which is what empathy is all about.

Sometimes you can’t stop feeling doubt and disappointment about them or the situation.

Sharing, caring and kindness, are acts of love. They require us to see the bigger picture, from another’s perspective, but not many parents or teachers told you that you are the first priority. We were taught not to think of ourselves
first. Yet, this is not a selfish attitude at all, in fact you are a big part of the equation of finding the space for love and true empathy. You are a big part of the equation, and if your needs aren’t factored in, it will be hard to find the right space to experience true empathy.

If you do too much for others, you won’t have enough energy to care about yourself. You may find that people take advantage of you if you are too kind or flexible towards their agendas.

What about me?! Why do you care about others but not me?

This is your inner voice; you may or may not hear it.. Kindness is good but too much kills any relationship, even between parents and children. Too much is as bad as too little.

If you really want to help others, you’d better help yourself.

In the same way you’re told that if there is an emergency in the Airplane, you have to put on your oxygen mask before your child. If you want to care for your loved ones, you have to be in the right position for it. It’s same thing on the ground, I think.

Interestingly enough, many people who care for others well, are often not good at looking after themselves. They put their needs last.

When you’re upset, do you express your thoughts well, without becoming emotional?

Do you swallow that negative emotion into your body?

If your stomach can handle negative emotions, your stomach passes them to other organs. By the time it reaches other organs, the emotion changes it’s form.

(Anger to Liver, Sadness to Small intestine, Fear to Kidney, Guilt to Large intestine etc.)

In the liver it turns to anger, in the small intestine, sadness. Fear ignites in the kidney and the large intestine holds onto guilt.

Anger, Frustration, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, Envy, Shame, etc…. All these emotions come from situations in which there is NO Empathy and No Sympathy between you and others.

You may not feel any pain in your stomach, but that doesn’t mean your stomach isn’t suffering or affected. You just don’t feel pain or any symptoms yet. Or you may only notice when other organs are affected.

Before you sleep, lay down on the bed, place your hands on your abdomen and imagine a big smile on your tummy.

If you can’t imagine your tummy smiling, breathe out all negative emotions as dark smoke, and breathe a beautiful colour you would like to have in your body.

Minor negative emotions which you don’t even notice that you hold in your stomach will release this way. One drip everyday will overflow from bucket one day. So please don’t underestimate daily smaller negative emotions. It’s better to release them on that day.

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