Body Maintenance System (BMS) is a special personalised therapy system for removing unwanted memories in body and also great for maintenance of overall body health.

Each person has an individual body system which functions in different ways. Through Sala’s years of experience in Natural Therapies, she devised the “BMS” to cater for and heal individual conditions and requirements.

The “BMS” is a gentle and effective healing technique involving stimulation massage and the application of pressure to special points on the body that correspond to various physical functions and organs while your consciousness back to time you need to healed.

It is based on the ancient belief that Ki energy flows through meridians or channels in the body and that negative emotions which are stored in muscles and organs create the blockage of energy flow. And also, Ki energy flow to cellular level as well. Each cells curries information to organs and muscles.

During the course of a treatment session, your brain waves will be on theta wave, you may experience deep meditative stage or kind of “out of body experiences” or simply fall asleep. Everybody and every time will be different.

Through the “BMS” you will get to understand and know the conditions of your body, mind and spirit. At the same time, you will undergo energy transforming experiences that will serve you well into the future. The beneficial results will be visible on your face and body after the first session.

This is highly effective for those prone to stress, tension, anxiety, tight muscles, exhaustion and a host of other problems. Someone had a lot of knowledge but his/her heart find too hard to follow own knowledges.

If you have trouble to relax, that means your brain has not good communication with body. Because you’d been pushing yourself too much for mentally, emotionally and physically on all levels.

BMS releases blockage that stopped communication system between brain and body. You will feel clearer and feel light in your brain and body and you will see smile on your face after the session.

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