The essence of Reiki is as alive today as it was more than two thousand years ago when it was recorded in the Buddhist Sutra. It continues to grow through the teacher and students of Reiki and helps fill, in individuals and society, the need to be in balance and harmony with the UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE.

Reiki is a Japanese word representing UNIVERSAL LIFE ENERGY, the energy that is all around us. Reiki when activated and applied for the purpose of healing, addresses the body, mind and spirit. It accelerates the body ability to heal physical ailments and opens the mind and spirit to the cause of disease and pain which makes us aware about the necessity for one’s life and the joys of balanced wellness.

Reiki is a natural healing art that is very gentle but yet very powerful healing.

When you receive Reiki, you connect with universal energy and you feel it. You will feel during session and after the session with this amazing healing energy.

Everybody can learn Reiki

Sala can teach you Reiki both Western Reiki and Eastern Reiki. Both Reiki’s origin is same, Dr. Usui (1865-1926) Japanese man who introduced this great healing system.

Usui Reiki (Western Reiki) and Jin Kei Do Reiki (Eastern) are both use same energy. Only difference is JKD Reiki more focus to see deep inside of you, heal yourself first before heal others. Involve more mindfulness and meditation, more Zen Buddhism way.

Usui Reiki has more into heal others, help and care others and share others who need Reiki. I see more Christian influence which spread worldwide.

Reiki provides people with the means of maintaining balance in their own health and that of their families and friends. Reiki can also be incorporated effectively into the healing arts practised by health care professionals.

If you don’t know which Reiki suit you, just contact Sala and ask. It’s all individuals life style.

In Reiki Ⅰ class

You learn

* history of Reiki

* how to Relax and Rejuvenate

* Connect the Universal energy and yourself

* hands position for Reiki treatment for yourself and others, animal and plants as well

* ways to Reiki in their own lives and in service to others.

* You will experience how ease and comfortable to do meditation

* Japanese art of healing & philosophy

* Reiki energy attunement occurs in four ceremonial acts shared by the Reiki Master with each student.

The only prerequisites for learning Reiki are OPENNESS, DESIRE TO LEARN and commitment to use Reiki in one life.

In Reiki II class

Students who have completed Reiki I training and have used Reiki actively in their lives renew their commitment to the use of ReikiⅡ.

* sending Reiki from a distance

* sending Reiki deeply to mental, spiritual and emotional healing processes of individuals.

* You will experience the travel between space and time.

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