A long time ago, Japanese people lived with nature. Their beliefs were similar to Native Americans. They respected nature, prayed for the land, mountains, trees, stones, ocean, rivers and even for used old dolls.

There were many rituals. For example, before building work, they would pray for all creatures and stones underneath the ground, asking permission and apologising for disturbing their life. In addition, they would also pray for spirits to watch over the construction site for safety.

Everything is alive and has spirit and awareness.

Everything is connected by energy (vibration)

Invisible world affects visible world and vice versa.

Shamanic healing work is based on this belief system. I remember that my Grandparents talked to flowers and vegetables as they spoke to humans/people. And they respected everything around them in nature. My Grandma was psychic and often took me to meet her friend who was a professional psychic reader. I had many mysterious experiences and grew up familiar with supernatural phenomena.

Shamanic healing takes many forms. I connect to spiritual dimensions to find what the client needs for each healing session. The journey, by accessing altered states of consciousness, creates the perfect energy field for healing the individual, to achieve balance spiritually, physically and mentally.

I am guided by spirits and use healing tools such as journeying with animal spirits, rituals, aromatherapy, crystals, breath work and pressure points.

I will convey messages from your totem animal, your animal spirit, at the end of the session.

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