The body is an electrical and energetical system which is KI (in Japanese, Chi in Chinese). Kinesiology uses muscle to get information from KI. Kinesiology takes a holistic approach in simultaneously treating the whole person in mind, body, bio-chemistry and energy.

Every muscle is connected specific organs and meridian line where KI energy flow and acupressure energy points which stimulate body to self-healing mode. Our body regulates with yin/yang and Five elements; Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. KI energy flows all these elements which connect to organs, nervous system and cells.

Brain the bio-computer controls systems in the body, mind and thought patterns according to setting. Through muscle-testing, the kinesiologist is able to access to the bio-computer. This technique also enables kinesiologist to gain insight into underlying causes of problems and finding solutions to many health issues.

We find out cause of the problem

It could be your diet, your way of thinking, your reaction towards others and event, your childhood trauma, accidents etc…

During a treatment session, checking bio-computer to find out where need to attention, the mental, chemical, physical, energetic and environmental are examined and dealt with.

Ask your Body what is best way to balance you

Kinesiologist ask your body, actually it is ask your brain the bio-computer. Your brain knows everything. But just not functioning exactly what it should be.

Imbalances detected by the Kinesiologist are rectified right away using a combination of therapeutic reflex massage, finding lack of nutrition and other techniques.

After the first session, clients usually experience great improvements in their general health. Kinesiology restores the body’s natural balance which in turn facilitates the body’s natural ability to heal.

Imbalances that can be detected or prevented before they turn into major health problems include:

– Digestive upsets (irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerances)
– Difficulties in reading and writing
– Fears and phobias
– Back pain, joint pain, neck pain
– Fatigue and exhaustion
– Stress and confusion
– Depressive tendencies
– Nervous disorders
– Allergies
– Personal development
– General well-being

Take charge of your well-being through Kinesiology to prevent stress factors, clear negative emotions, relieve pain, stimulate muscle groups and improve physical as well as mental coordination.

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